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April 23, 2016


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New Address
New Address
Sunday, 24 April, 2016
After 14 years in Arizona, SOPA founder / president Jim Gray has moved
back to Alaska. Mail will be forwarded from the old Arizona address for
awhile but please send all new correspondence to the address posted at the
bottom of the page. Thank you.

Website Overhaul
Sunday, 24 April, 2016
Due to SPAM issues and a change in publishing software, this website is
undergoing another complete overhaul. Some of the pages and links may
work correctly for awhile, so please have patience. JG

Marquis Photos
Sunday, 24 April, 2016
If anyone has a photo of their L-5 that they would like to appear on the
photo page marquis, please email it to us along with the name of the
photographer. If you would like to post your own gallery of photos we will
create a dedicated album for you.