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Photos Added
June 25, 2014
20  new photos added to the home page marquis above...simply wait and watch. Thanks
for all the great photos everyone!.

The Classifieds, Technical Data and Historical Information pages were updated
June 23, 2014
A new listing was added to the Flying Aircraft section of the Classifieds page. Type
Certificate Data Sheets for the L-5 and O-435 were added to the Technical Resources
page. L-5 production data was added to the Historical information page, including a
listing of USAAF, USN / USMC and RAF serial numbers.. .

Finally - A NEWSLETTER!!!
June 08, 2014
Hi all. I've just finished a new club newsletter (26 pages worth) and will have it posted
on the newsletter page shortly. This one will have unlimited access for awhile
but then it will be password protected and only available to current members.

If you haven't paid dues since June 2013 or earlier, or you are not a club member,
PLEASE JOIN OR DONATE. It has cost more to get the new website up and running
and to purchase new publishing software  than  we have  collected in dues over the past
2 years. Thanks for  your support.. JG

New Page Added
June 06, 2014
A list of the USAAF Liaison Squadrons was added to the Historical info page 

All Pages Working Except...
May 22, 2014
All pages are now working correctly except the member log-in page which has not yet
been created. The email errors have been fixed so you should no longer have email returned
with errors such as as "undeliverable" or  "no such address".

New Web Hosting Service
May 10, 2014
The Yahoo Web Hosting service kept creating insoluable problems with our new web design
software. Last night, I bit the bullet, wrote off Yahoo, and purchased 2 years of service from
Blackwire Webhosting in Eugene, Oregon. Our website was successfully  transferred to
the new location in the wee hours this morning. It appears that this has resolved all
of the problems so I should have all the pages finished and working again as time allows
over the next few weeks.

The Member Log-in page will be among the last to get organized, but it will give paid
members free access to many resources not currently available. Much of the website will
eventually be automated, freeing up my time and allowing you to post advertisements, photos,
or your own blogs on a private, dedicated forum. There will also be seamless e-commerce
capability, allowing you to purchase and download electronic copies of manuals and drawings.

Those of you who would like to have pictures of your aircraft posted in the photo page
(or home page banner), or place advertising in the Classifieds section in the mean time 
may now submit your materials via email and I will get them posted ASAP.  JG .

Making Progress
April 27, 2014
Hi all. After a 6-week delay I'm finally making progress on the new website. All the bugs
are not worked out, but I'm getting there slowly. I appreciate your patience. JG.

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